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Nov. 9th, 2015 12:40 pm
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Please note: As moderators of [ profile] angels_radio, we reserve the right to edit this list at any time.

⚓ Denotes new rules from fest year 2016 onward.

1) Since this is a Destiel and Sabriel fest, your submission(s) must contain either or both pairings, side pairings are acceptable. We will also allow Destiel/Sabriel a.k.a. Team Free Love.

2) There is no minimum or maximum word count.
- For submitted fics, please send the file as .doc, .docx or .txt.
- Please put spaces between your paragraphs. Meaning, at the end of the paragraph do a hard enter by pushing the "ENTER" or "RETURN" key TWICE.

3) There are no size requirements for art, but please make sure they are reasonable.
- All artwork submitted should be sent as a .jpg, .gif, or .png file.
- Also provide a 150x150 work safe thumbnail with your art.

4) All ratings will be accepted (G to NC-17).

5) Genres can include, but are not limited to:
- Angst
- Fluff/Romance
- Hurt/Comfort
- Horror/Adventure
- Humor/Crack
- Smut
- AU or canon

6) All fics must be beta'd and you are responsible for your own LJ cut and HTML formatting (italic, bold, underlines, etc.)
- For a tutorial on LJ cuts, click here.
- For a tutorial on HTML formatting, click here.

7) Please submit all entries to You may send your entry either as an attachment, or in within the email. When you email your entry, please fill out, copy and paste all of the following into your email:

User Name:
Word Count:

⚓ 8) You must pick your pairing when you claim your prompt. All main pairing(s) must be male/male; crossovers are welcome.

⚓ 9) In order to be a participant for this fest, you MUST sign up for the fest.

10) As a participant (artist and/or author), you give the mods permission to post your fan-created works on your behalf to other communities on LiveJournal.

⚓ 11) By signing up for this fest you understand and acknowledge everything that is provided here and sign up and timeline information. By not following the rules, you submission(s) will not be accepted once it is time to post to the fest.

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